Davit Darakhvelidze

Refugee Minister Davit Darakhvelidze. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch — The government in Georgia has decided to offer more than 300 refugees their own house in the regions for a symbolic price of one lari, or USD 0.60.

Refugee Minister Davit Darakhvelidze told journalists after the government session Monday that even more refugees will get legal houses to live in in about one month, but he didn’t specify how many.

The plan is presented by the government in order to resolve the problem refugees are facing who don’t own a home legally.

The minister said a working group is set up at the ministry which take care of providing refugees a place to live.

“In this process, all indicators are taken into consideration, including current place of residence, number of family members, employment and other things.”

According to the most recent data from the ministry, from April 2012, there are 265 109 refugees in Georgia, or 88 499 families.

When the government changed after the parliament election in October 2012, a wave of rallies and protests hit the country, including refugees who started gathering at the old buildings where they used to live, but were thrown out of by the previous government in a controversial resettlement plan which has been criticized by international organizations. Refugees started illegally squatting their old living quarters. The ministry had to use force to get them out but promised to resolve their problems with finding a place to live.