TBILISI, DFWatch–A mosque is going to be built in a village in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region.

Badrudin Ibragimov, Chairman of National-Cultural Autonomy of Avar in South Caucasus, told Intepressnews that at the moment, the project is acquiring all the necessary documents, and construction work has not yet started.

“We are working on registering the property where the mosque will be built,” Ibragimov said. “We have an agreement with the Ministry of Reintegration and the local government in the region. So we don’t have any resistance from the government. This is a village where 100 percent of inhabitants are Muslims.”

The mosque is planned to be built in the village Tivi, close to Kvareli.

Ibragimov says the reason a mosque is being built is that even though the vast majority of the village’s population are Muslims, there is no mosque there or any other place for conducting prayers.

Financing for the new building will be found through donations. Construction work will start as soon as all the documents are ready.

On Thursday, there was a ceremony to symbolically prepare the ground for the construction.