Chief Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili says the police planted a weapon and ammunition after shooting a suspect to justify the murder after the fact. (IPN.)

TBILISI, DFWatch — Another Interior Ministry official has been interrogated regarding the murder of Buta Robakidze, who was killed by police in 2004.

This time Levan Gvazava, Former Deputy Interior Minister was interrogated. He was called in for questioning on Saturday, but only appeared on Sunday. It had been suspected that he was outside of Georgia, but now he is in the country.

After he left the prosecutor’s office, he only told journalists that he had been questioned, but didn’t give any details. According to the prosecutor’s office, he was questioned regarding the murder of Amiran (“Buta”) Robakidze.

Zurab Mikadze, former Chair of Tbilisi Patrol Police, was previously detained in the case, but released on bail. His father protested against the charges.

Buta Robakidze died on November 24, 2004 during a police operation. It was said at the time that he resisted police together with his armed friends, and that the police was forced to open fire, but there were suspicions that the police lied about what happened and that he in fact was deliberately killed. His father then tried to reopen the case, but it is only now, eight years later, after Saakashvili has lost government power, that the case has been reopened.

Chief Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili said the charges against the deceased youth were fake.

He said the new investigation has revealed that November 24, 2004, police stopped a car, which Kakha Azarashvili was driving, together with his friends Giorgi Kurdadze, Levan Dagnadze, Akaki Bartaia, Irakli Mikaberidze and Amiran Robakidze. Everyone left the car to speak with the police except Giorgi Kurdadze. Kurdadze decided to leave the car, which caused a noise and prompted the police to call for backup. A few minutes later, police backup arrived, and among them were officers Levan Lobzshanidze and Giorgi Bashaleishvili. Giorgi Bashaleishvili shot and killed Buta Robakidze.

Giorgi Bashaleishvili was convicted for murder through negligence. Buta Robakidze’s friends were searched at the location, and a weapon was found together with ammunition. They were convicted of carrying, buying and keeping a weapon and ammunition.

The prosecutor said the case is reopened and the investigation revealed that after the murder, Zurab Mikadze, chair of Tbilisi patrol police, and other undefined police employees came to the location.

“In order to avoid possible discreditation of their good image they committed a crime. Specifically, Zurab Mikadze together with other persons at an unknown time brought a weapon and ammunition to the location with two patrol cars. Afterwards, on his personal order, police employees placed them at the location of the murder.”

He said Zurab Mikadze forced one of the police employees to give false testimony regarding fabricated evidence, which was done. The investigation continues.