TBILISI, DFWatch – International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) summed up events on Election Day and reported about violations.

The organization had 300 observers at 63 election district from 73.

ISFED found that the election process went mostly with many but not serious violations.

There were 5 more serious problems:

The marking process was not reliable, because the marking gadget was too easy to erase this it gave people an opportunity to vote several times. At some precincts observers found out that people without IDs were let in. A few dozen found markings below their surnames. Some voters took the ballot paper outside the election precinct.

About the ballot papers ISFED said that the number of voters in the election lists was more than that. The answer from the government was that some people in lists are abroad, in prison or can’t come to the election precinct, that’s why there was a lack of ballot papers.

After election precincts in Khashuri closed, special police units attacked. At some precinct they changed the name of the winner in the summery protocol from Georgian Dream to United National Movement.

Special units used tear gas and rubber bullets, when they stole the election box, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs denied that rubber bullets were fired.

According to the summary protocols from 301 precincts ISFED reported the results:

United National Movement _ 39.5 %

Georgian Dream _ 55.9 %

Christian – Democrats _ 1. 9 %

Labor party _ 1.3 %

The observers of ISFED already has written 47 complaints and requested 5 precinct results to be annulled because of serious violations.