Georgia’s National Bank. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Money transfers to and from Georgia fell by 24.4 percent in April 2015, compared to same month in the year before.

According to the National Bank, the amount of money transfers last month was USD 91.1 million, which was USD 29.4 million less than in April, 2014.

The report says 92.2 percent of the transfers originated from 12 countries. Top among them are Russia with USD 37.0 million, Greece with USD 13.3 million, Italy with USD 8.2 million, US with USD 8.1 million and Turkey with USD 5.7 million.

USD 14.5 million was sent abroad from Georgia in April, while last year it was USD 13.2 million.

Money transfers have been gradually reduced in 2015. In January, 2015, more than USD 75 million was transferred, while last year the amount was more than USD 98 million. In February, 2015, it was USD 81,9 million, while last year it was USD 104,6 million. In March, 2015, there was USD 91,9 million of money transfers, while last year it was USD 120,5 million.

Going further back, in April, 2012, USD 112,6 million was transferred, in 2013, USD 122,3 million and in 2014 USD 120.5 million.