The body belonged to a man who was seen falling overboard in the middle of a storm four days earlier. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The crew of a Georgian fishing boat Wednesday discovered the body of a man, 55, drifting in the Black Sea.

The deceased, Davit Geladze, had been lost at sea during the storm of March 23 and was the subject of a search operation at the time his body was found.

Local media reported that the fishermen took the body to Batumi Yacht Club, where relatives identified it. An autopsy is now being conducted.

Two men who were together with Geladze that day say he was out fishing when he was taken by a large wave. That was the last they saw of him.

The March 23 storm mostly affected cities and regions on the Black Sea shore, but it was also felt in large cities and towns, including the capital.

Energy Minister Kakhi Kaladze on Wednesday said that the losses suffered because of the storm amount to about USD 3 million so far, but that authorities do not yet have a complete picture of the extent of damage.

The education minister, meanwhile, informed that 20 schools have been damaged all over the country. Most of them are left roofless with windows broken.

Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Davit Narmania the same day explained that work has started to repair damage and that within 2-3 days, most of the damaged roofs will be patched up.