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TBILISI, DFWatch–A man died during a traditional Easter ball game in a small village in Georgia’s Guria region on Sunday.

The victim was Gocha Pirtskhalaishvili, of about 50 years. Doctors believe the cause of death was shortness of breath.

He died while participating in a traditional game called leloburti, which resembles rugby.

A sand-filled ball weighing about 18kg is placed in the center of the village Shukhuti, and two teams from Upper and Lower Shukhuti then compete in getting the ball down to one of two small springs.

It was during the clashes to gain control of the ball that a man died. Two others were injured and taken to hospital.

An investigation has been launched on suspicion of causing death due to negligence.

The players didn’t notice that Pirtskhalaishvili had died, but continued playing until the end.

Pirtskhalaishvili was playing for the Upper Shukhuti team, which won the game this year.