TBILISI, DFWatch–Parliament in Georgia will today start reviewing a draft bill for amending the constitution and reduce the president’s right to dismiss the government any time he wants without confirmation from the parliament.

The bill, which is signed by 78 MPs, will be presented to the Judiciary Committee.

Currently, the president also has the right to dissolve parliament, but only six months after and before a presidential or general election. This regulation may be left as it is in the constitution, which means that for approximately ten days in April, President Mikheil Saakashvili will have the right to dissolve the parliament which was elected in October, 2012.

The Georgian Dream coalition made it part of its election program to change this part of the constitution, and presented a draft bill shortly after forming a government. Since then, the bill has been through a vigorous public discussion, but there has so far not been reached agreement between the coalition and the National Movement party.

At least 100 out of 150 votes are needed to pass constitution amendments. Georgian Dream has 85 seats and may succeed in gaining the support of 10 independent MPs who have left the National Movement, but will still be many votes short.

Prime Minister Ivanishvili has said several times that he is sure the amendments will be passed by parliament.