TBILISI, DFWatch – Demonstrations are continuing on Tskhinvali’s main square, as the negotiations are stalled. Yesterday evening, a Russian news agency reported that one official was stabbed with a knife during a meeting on the square.

The injured, defense employee Soslan Gabuev, received a wound to his chest and was taken to the hospital.

The former so-called presidential candidate in Georgia’s breakaway region South Ossetia, Alla Dzhioyeva confirmed that the attack had happened, but says that it was another provocation against the opposition.

Meeting with journalists to sum up the talks with South Ossetian authorities she said that she’s ready to become acting president of South Ossetia till the so-called presidential elections on March 25.

Dzhioyeva said the opposition put forth several proposals for how to solve the crisis, but they were not accepted. She says there was no discussion about whether current de-facto president Eduard Kokoity should resign.

„As an interim measures we are suggested that the General Prosecutor resigns, “ Russian media quotes her saying. She said among the measures suggested by her group was that Eduard Kokoity should transfer government to her in a civil way.

‘’And if someone doesn’t like me, I will try to ensure elections for March 25,’’ she says.“

“During this period I will be acted president. That would be a compromise that will suit everyone, and it would at least partly honor the opinion of those 17 000 who voted for me.“

Dzhioyeva says that during the consultations her proposal was not accepted. The consultations will continue on Friday and if there isn’t any progress,  her inauguration will go ahead as planned Saturday.

Consulations began on Monday about how to solve the situation in the region peacefully. There has been a tense stand-off after the so-called Supereme Court November 30 annulled the results of the presidential elections, just as the opposition candidate Dzhioyeva seemed to be clearly beating her opponent Anatoly Bibilov, who was considered the Kremlin favorite.

After the court’s decision was announced, Dzhioyeva supporters launched an ongoing demonstration on the main square in Tskhinvali in front of the so-called governmental building, demanding to have the election results recognizes and transfer government to Dzhioyeva. They have appealed to the court with the same request, but their demand was not met.