TBILISI, DFWatch – The leader of the largest opposition coalition says there will be set a new precedent in Georgia’s recent history, when the government is changed through election.

Bidzina Ivanishvili appeared confident in front media after meeting with international observers at Radisson Blu Iveria Sunday, one day before a parliamentary election which by many is seen as a test of the level of democracy in the former Soviet republic.

He told journalists that international observers are familiar with the situation now before the election.

He also thinks there has been made a great deal of preparations, which should ensure that the election is conducted in a democratic way.

The Georgian Dream coalition leader promised voters that he will do everything he promised and even more.

“Observers know well what an election environment there is here, they also know about arrests and about people being beating,” he said. “There is great readiness by us and observers that election is conducted well and they won’t be able to steal everything.”

The tycoon asserted that there is a great possibility that Georgian Dream will win the election by a wide margin.

Ivanishvili continued, if international observers recognize the election, Georgian Dream will too.

“Today there is a different reality and our position is based on principle. Come on, election, and I assure you everything will be alright.”