Voting precinct in Tbilisi’s Nadzaladevi district Saturday. (DFWatch photo.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Results published by the Central Election Commission after Saturday’s by-election in Georgia show that all three Georgian Dream coalition candidates are leading.

According to the CEC results, Tamar Kordzaia, Georgian Dream coalition candidate in Nadzaladevi district in Tbilisi, had received 38.57 percent of votes, after counting 52 percent of precincts. Kakha Kukava, head of Free Georgia Party, gets 17.19 percent of votes in the same district, and came in ahead of Mirza Davitaia, the candidate of the United National Movement, who got 15.16 percent of votes.

Paata Kiknavelidze, Georgian Dream candidate in Baghdati, a town in western Georgia, had received 56.92 percent of votes after results in 54 percent of precincts had been counted. Vladimer Tsikoridze of the UNM had got 23.15 percent of votes.

Giorgi Kakhiani, Georgian Dream coalition candidate, leads in Samtredia district as well with 81.74 percent. Emzar Shubladze of the UNM so far has 17.89 percent of votes. These are the results after counting 78 percent of precincts in Samtredia, a town in western Georgia.

Zurab Kharatishvili, head of the CEC, on Saturday said that voter turnout in by-election was 32-33 percent in the three districts as as a whole. 28 percent voted in Nadzaladevi, 36 percent in Baghdati and 43 percent in Samtredia.

He said that there has only been filed three complaints to the CEC by now. These are about procedural violations.

The final results of the election will become public in about ten days.