TBILISI, DFWatch–The Interior Ministry in Georgia denies that there were violations or acts of brutality by the police during the questioning Mamuka Mikautadze, who a few weeks ago was reported to have killed himself the after he was questioned at the police station.

On Tuesday, ministry spokesperson Nino Giorgobiani said at a press conference that the police didn’t use violence during the questioning. She said this is the finding of a preliminary examination into the incident, but that the investigation is not yet finished.

But the National Forensic Bureau has published the results of the autopsy, which reads that there were no additional injuries and bruises except his neck, which caused the death, as he hanged himself.

According to testimony by Gela Manjavidze, who was at the police department when Mikautadze was questioned, he was sitting on the opposite side of Mikautadze. Manjavidze claims that he didn’t notice any physical, verbal or psychological abuse from the police employees towards Mikautadze.

Giorgobiani said investigators also have video footage from surveillance cameras showing the moment when Mikautadze was brought out of the police department on July 5.

“The footage clearly indicates that Mamuka Mikautadze doesn’t have any physical injuries. He freely walks,” she said, adding that due to the high public interest, the ministry decided to provide this information and added that the investigation is continuing.

Mikautadze’s wife Zizi Edzgveradze told journalists the same day that she so far has no reason to doubt the Interior Ministry’s first conclusions.

She said she is familiar with is familiar with the preliminary results and doesn’t see any reason to doubt it.

“I hope the investigation will be fair. I have also seen the footage published by the ministry and it really shows my husband,” she added.