TBILISI, DFWatch–Law enforcement bodies are still searching for escaped predators from Tbilisi Zoo after the flood disaster on June 14.

Hunters involved in the search yesterday installed video traps fitted with meat as bait at possible locations of the predators. This is an area between the ethnographic museum at Turtle Lake and Bagebi. A search is ongoing there after someone posted three pictures allegedly proving the presence of predators.

This morning, the Interior Ministry reported that the emergency call center had received about 47 reports about predators, at different locations, but none of the reports turned out to true.

They have checked the areas at Turtle Lake, Ethnographic Museum, Svanadze Street and other spots.

Employees have vacated the Ethnographic Museum as a security precaution. The guard are no longer letting anyone inside.

Yesterday, there were reports of young people playing loud sounds of predators from their cars, causing false alarms. But hunters say the three photos sent by three different people seem to be authentic and the animal may really be in this area where they are conducting a search. It is probably a tiger.

A tiger and a hyena are still missing from the zoo after last Sunday’s flood, which caused a hundred million lari’s worth of damage and killed at least 19 people, according to the latest figures. Three people are still missing.