Ombudsman Ucha Nanuashvili. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The Georgian ombudsman says the Ministry of Internal Affairs failed to compensate a man for using his house as a checkpoint in a village bordering South Ossetia.

In a statement published Friday, the ombudsman writes that the government violated the man’s rights and is are obliged to give him either an alternative house or money compensation as long as there is an MIA checkpoint right next to his house.

The ombudsman explains that the house and the checkpoint are not separated by a wall, which gives the sense that the house is part of the checkpoint.

“Considering security measures, this is a hindrance to the family of the citizen to return home,” the statement reads.

In 2012, MIA set up a checkpoint in the village Zardiaantkari next to the man’s house, which was damaged during the war in August, 2008. MIA rented the house to use for its staff, however the ministry didn’t failed to renew the contract in 2015 and when he came back the house was in an even worse condition.

Neither him nor his wife can return to their home as the house is too close to the checkpoint.

The ombudsman calls on the government to take measures and provide the citizen with a proper living or compensation.

The statement says the ombudsman first sent the MIA a recommendation on December 14, but ministry responded that it doesn’t perceive the house as a part of the checkpoint as it fulfills the goals to ‘keep security and order near the occupation line.’ The ministry also said that the house was damaged for reasons unconnected to the ministry.

MIA has not yet responded to the ombudsman’s latest statement.