TBILISI, DFWatch–Heavy rain caused problems for villagers and farmers in eastern Georgia, destroying their harvest and killing livestock. More than 6,000 people are without electricity.

Among the affected areas are Pankisi, Akhmeta and Lagodekhi. The river Alazani was flooded and carried away a whole flock of sheep, but villagers managed to save them with the help of rescue workers.

The river flooded agricultural lands in the villages in Pankisi, and in Matani. The local government has a commission counting assessing the damage done by the flood.

The water tore down electrical transmission poles, cutting off electricity in the villages of Akhmeta, Zemo Alvana and Kvemo Alvana.

The rain has not yet stopped and the weather forecast predicts several more days of rain. Clean-up work will begin as soon as there is a let-up in the downpour.