ECHR_letter_Rustavi_2_Nika_GvaramiaTBILISI, DFWatch–The director of Georgia’s largest opposition TV company says the European Court of Human Rights has decided to temporarily suspend a ruling by the former Soviet republic’s Supreme Court which changes the ownership of the company, Rustavi 2.

Later he posted a letter from the ECHR on his Facebook page. The letter is addressed to Rustavi 2’s lawyer, Tamta Muradashvili.

“On 3 March 2017, the Court (the duty judge) decided, in the interests of the parties and the proper conduct of the proceedings before it, to indicate to the Government of Georgia, under rule 39, that the enforcement of the Supreme Court’s decision of 2 March 2017 should be suspended and that the authorities should abstain from interfering with the applicant company’s editorial policy in any manner. This interim measure is granted temporarily, until 8 March, 2017,” the ECHR letter reads.

“Such a decision has not been ruled by the Strasbourg court ever, except those cases relating to torture, poses a threat to human life or implies extradition,” Gvaramia said.

“This is a historic precedent. The Rustavi 2 case and the infamous and shameful judicial authorities and government [of Georgia] have laid the ground for the new practice of the ECHR,” Gvaramia added.