Sakdrisi mining site. (Photo taken by Green Fist.)

Sakdrisi mining site. (Photo taken by Green Fist.)

Tbilisi, DFWatch – An advocacy group in Georgia has asked the Prosecutor General’s
Office to launch an investigation into an explosion which destroyed an ancient gold mine on December 13.

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association claims that mining Company RMG Gold didn’t have the permission from the Technical and Construction Supervisory Agency when they started mining blasts at Sakdrisi.

The Company announced December 13 that they resumed work at the number one area of Sakdrisi on December 13 and the same day people learned about the explosion, which destroyed a large part of the archaeological interesting area.

Georgian legislation requires permission from the Supervisory Agency in order to carry out mining blasts and RMG Gold didn’t have such permission on December 13, GYLA explains.

The company RMG Copper, which is carrying out the blasts, received a license for such activity only on January 6, 2015.

The group also points to article 259 (1) of the Criminal Code, about illegal work at, and damaging, an archeological site. They believe that the Prosecutor General’s Office has to launch an investigation
about the offence, pursuant to the law.