TBILISI, DFWatch — The National Enforcement Bureau has started seizing the property of Tbilisi Minibus Ltd, which owns all the yellow minibuses in the capital. Their drivers are on strike for the seventh day.

Employees of the bureau arrived in the garage in Gldani, a suburb of Tbilisi, to seize the minibuses. They claim an enforcement letter was sent to the Enforcement Bureau, which shows that the company Tbilisi Minibus has a debt of two million euros to TBC Bank, one of the largest banks in Georgia.

153 cars will be seized in total, according to employees. There are a few thousand cars usually working in the capital a day.

Meanwhile, the striking drivers have started agreeing with the conditions proposed by Tbilisi Minibus and will probably end the protest today. But, they say, if the conditions aren’t fully met, they will go on strike again in March.

Yesterday, Tbilisi Minibus gave drivers an ultimatum, saying that if they don’t end the strike and agree with the new conditions, the company will tear up their contracts and hire new drivers.