TBILISI, DFWatch — The governing Georgian Dream coalition is ready to cooperate with the opposition about the foreign policy.

Speaker of Parliament Davit Usupashvili said this on Wednesday after Saakashvili’s party accused the prime minister and his party of changing the foreign policy of the country.

Since the Georgian Dream coalition won the parliament election, former government has been accusing them of changing the foreign policy direction, even though the new leaders claim the western course remains. The new government also speaks of the importance of mending relations with Russia, which has caused criticism.

Wednesday morning, the National Movement presented an initiative to write it into the law what the unchanged foreign policy course of the country is.

Usupashvili responded the same day that Tedo Japaridze, chairman of the foreign affairs committee in parliament, a few days ago appealed to all factions with a proposal to start working on an interfactional agreement regarding the political course of the country.

The speaker of parliament explained that this proposal includes a specific document which reflects the declared foreign affair course of the Georgian Dream coalition.

“We should be able to prepare the long-term strategy for our common state and to follow this strategy to the end. It is not correct and nothing will come out of it if there are frequent changes in the foreign policy course,” he added.