Facsimile of the banner announcing the attack on President Medvedev's Facebook page.

TBILISI, DFWatch – An online campaign against Russian president Dimitry Medvedev’s Facebook page led to comments in Georgian language being blocked by the administrator.

The campaigners wanted to express their protest against Russian policy regarding Georgia’s breakaway territories and decided to chose the Russian president’s official Facebook page as their target.

Soon the number of comments exceeded several hundred and drove the administrator of the page to block Georgian users altogether and remove all comments in Georgian.

Some of the messages removed by Medvedev’s Facebook administrator were “Occupants get out of our country,” “I demand the removal of the Russian occupation army from Georgia.” “Dimitry Anatoly! You may know that a person has one mother and has one homeland. Give back my homeland, my Abkhazia, please.”

The organizer of the online protest explained the background in a graphics banner which says that February 25, 1921, the Soviet Union occupied Georgia; and on February 23 in Russia is the Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland. “The one who is defender for them is enemy for us,” the campaign organizer says.

The graphics file calls for people to participate, showing a photo of the Russian president and the text: “Let’s all together, regardless of political, ethnic and religious views, express our protest on the Facebook page of the Russian president and demand the removal of the Russian occupation armies from Georgian territory.”