Beka Dadeshkeliani (left), head of the student union for social and political studies, and Beka Bekauri, head of the natural sciences students union. (Click to watch video.) (DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–DF Watch on July 18 organized a discussion about the situation of students today.

What problems are students facing? How can they be let to realize their skills and knowledge? In what way can the government or educational institutions help them, and what problems do they have to solve on their own?

To answer these and other questions, we brought together two members of student bodies at Tbilisi State University: Beka Dadeshkeliani (left), head of the student union for social and political studies and Beka Bekauri, head of natural sciences students union.

Dadeshkeliani said the biggest problem for students today is that they are what he calls the ‘generation of three nos’: no job, no money and no activity. These three components are the biggest problems for students nowadays, he says, and suggests that the government and the universities should create a platform which could give youth an opportunity to solve these problems.

Both our guests agree that the situation in education nowadays is much better than it was a few years ago, but Beka Bekauri says the following problem remains: that youth who have diplomas from abroad are privileged when finding employment and this attitude needs to be changed, because it is possible to get a normal education in Georgia and the government should encourage those who study in Georgia and are qualified.

Another problem is that students don’t have an opportunity to work during their education and except in a rare cases, most of them are dependent on their parents. This is a double problem: they need money and on the other hand they have ideas, can create many things, but cannot realize these ideas and skills.

Dadeshkeliani says the Sports Ministry has some good projects for addressing this problem, for example summer camps, where students are employed.