TBILISI, DFWatch — A Georgian soldier serving in Afghanistan has disappeared, according to the defense ministry.

The soldier, who was serving as part of the ISAF mission, disappeared on December 19, and no one has seen him since.

“A search and rescue operation for the Georgian soldier is in a progress, conducted by international security forces,” a brief statement by the ministry reads. It says that the family of the soldier has been informed.

Further details have not been made public, out of concern for the rescue operation.

A 50 strong advance infantry platoon was sent from Georgia to the ISAF mission in 2004 in order to provide safety for the presidential elections. In 2007, Georgian doctors were sent for six months as part of a Lithuanian group of soldiers. In April 2010, 749 Georgian military personnel were sent to carry out full spectrum operations with the support of US military.

Until now, Georgian battalions have been replaced according to a rotation system. The last rotation took place in April 2012, when the 31. battalion of the third infantry brigade was replaced by the 23. battalion of the second infantry brigade, which will serve for seven months in Helmand province.

18 Georgian soldiers have lost their lives while serving in Afghanistan.