Giorgi Mebonia.

TBILISI, DFWatch–A recruit has died at a Georgian military air base near the capital Tbilisi.

According to the ministry, the incident happened on Wednesday at a checkpoint while he was on duty.

The body of the deceased, Giorgi Mebonia, has been taken to the National Forensic Bureau and an investigation has been launched.

Early indications are that it was a suicide. Private Mebonia served as a rifleman of the III Squad of I Platoon of Logistics Battalion Guard Company.

This is the third incident when a soldier has died in a non-military situation since the change of government in October 2012. The first two cases were accidents.

The press office of the Defense Ministry told DF Watch that accidents in times of peace are not frequent.

July 25, Major Otelo Gulbani died while examining a weapon at Vaziani military firing range.