TBILISI, DFWatch – In the former Soviet republic of Georgia, the bigger parties are giving away representatives in an apparent effort to prevent the moderate opposition from becoming too small.

The radical faction Unity for Justice seems to be building up steam, as Roman Marsagishvili left his faction, the moderate Powerful Georgia, in order to join Unity for Justice.

That put Powerful Georgia on the brink of being dissolved. However, another minority faction, the Christian Democrats movement, decided to ‘allocate’ one of its MPs, Rati Maisuradze, in order to save Powerful Georgia.

There were six MPs in Powerful Georgia before Marsagishvili left it, explaining that this faction is ‘a marionette of the [ruling] National Movement’ party and he’s going to support the true opposition faction Unity for Justice.

Meanwhile, the National Movement excluded one of its MPs, Bezhan Khurtsidze. This increased the number of non-majority MPs in the parliament. It will officially be formed on today’s Bureau Session which will be held on 15:00.

Much of the opposition in Georgia refused to send their people to parliament in the last election in 2008, because they saw the whole system as fundamentally unfair. Only a few parties did, mainly the Christian Democrats. In recent times there has been formed a faction called Unity for Justice which seems to carry the tough rhetoric of the street protests into parliament.