Screen grab from one of the leaked videos.

TBILISI, DFWatch — The Prosecutor’s Office has published a video clip apparently showing that officials in the previous government ordered the secret filming of public persons while engaging in sexual acts, as a means to blackmail them.

A statement issued by the Office says that these videos were ordered by Megis Kardava, former head of the Ministry of Defense’s Military Police Department, and carried out by officials of the Defense Ministry. They were told to film the private life of the targets, and later use the footage to blackmail them and force them to cooperate with the special services.

Those who were blackmailed were then instructed to have sex with well-known public figures and secretly record it, making sure that the targets didn’t know about it.

The officials at the Defense Ministry who were blackmailed brought well-known figures to special flats, rented with state money, and surveillance cameras were installed in the apartments, the statement reads.

“Three these type of apartments are defined. In those apartments, officials of the military police department, who were forced to cooperate, had sexual relations with previously selected persons. Afterwards, they transferred the secret footage to Megis Kardava personally,” the statement reads.

The goal of the actions was to force the victims agree to be loyal to the government and to participate in the Saakashvili government’s PR events.

“In addition, the footage was used for money extortion,” the Prosecutor’s Office informs.

According to investigators, there are more videos than what has been released so far.

Three employees of the military police are charged with abuse of power, but the office is withholding their names.

The location of Megis Kardava is currently unknown. He left the country after the parliamentary election, which was won by the Georgian Dream coalition.

The Prosecutor’s Office was criticized for publishing the video footage of sexual scenes. Even though the video was pixelated, some claim they have recognized people they know. Out of concern for the privacy of those involved, DF Watch has decided not to link to the video.