ferro zestaponi

The metal works plant in Zestaponi accounts for 12 percent of Georgia’s export. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–One of the largest factories in Georgia is still paralyzed by a now week-long strike by hundreds of workers who demand higher salaries, better social conditions, collective contracts and compensation for night shifts.

A group of students have joined the now week-long strike, while workers from the mines of Chiatura also plan to join.

Workers rejected a proposal from the local municipality to create a working group to study their problems and their review demands.

Workers told journalists that management refuses to talk to their appointed representatives.

“They try to separate trade unions and labor collective from each other and uses all kinds of methods, but our position is unchanged,” a spokesman for the striking workers told IPN. He says the workers are willing to negotiate in accordance with law.

Workers claim that management have started announcing vacancies to replace the workers who are on strike. They appeal to specialists in other towns not to apply for the vacant jobs at Ferro Alloy Company of Zestaponi, but express solidarity in order to protect labor rights.