(DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia’s National Communications Commission (GNCC) has elected Vakhtang Abashidze as new chairman.

This is the first time a head of GNCC has been elected. Abshidze, the only candidate, received the support of all five commission members.

Duringthe Saakashvili regime, the GNCC head was picked by the president and was criticized for being a tool for creating politicized media.

Last year, former GNCC head Irakli Chikovani was criticized for being involved in advertising and not tending to his duties.

Abashidze, who also served as GNCC head in 2000-2004, has been elected as chair for a term of three years.

He said some of his priorities will be new technology, digital broadcasting and fourth generation mobile devices.

Parliament elected Abashidze as member of the commission in the beginning of March, 2014. He is a journalist.

In October, 2013, parliament adopted amendments to the law on broadcasting which created a new set of rules for electing and appointing a GNCC head.