TBILISI, DFWatch–Social media in Georgia have lit up with debate about a young man’s naked self-portrait in the highland region Svaneti. Was it an insult to local traditions?

The debate was sparked by a video posted on Facebook which shows the man apologizing to locals for taking a nude picture of himself in the remote mountain region and sharing it on Facebook.

In the video, which was posted by Irakli Narsavidze on Friday, the man who took the naked selfie sits in a car with two other men and apologizes for ‘inappropriate behaviour.’ He says sorry to everyone who found the picture offensive to their traditions.

“I love Svaneti, I’ve been here many times, and I never meant to insult the culture and traditions of locals. I am very sorry if I did so,” he said.

The man who shot the video identified as a local from Svaneti and can be heard saying that such kind of pictures are disrespectful to the people living in the mountains and their traditions, and if anybody dares to repeat this it will not end in only a verbal argument.

“Our traditions are above any law and constitution. On the land of Svaneti and the whole of Georgia, or Caucasus, that should not happen again. Such modernity is not acceptable to us,” the man who filmed the video can be heard saying.

The reaction to the video is negative in social media. Some people believe the man who took the naked selfie was forced to apologize.

Asked about the case, Georgian police said they would only react if the man in the video brought a complaint.