TBILISI, DFWatch–The government is reviving one of its election promises from 2012: to restore justice. Property taken from five people during Saakashvili’s presidency will be returned.

Before coming to power, Georgian Dream promised that they would ‘restore justice.’ Spokespersons for the coalition never specified what category of people they meant, but there were high expectations the promise.

Two years passed without the government doing anything except introducing a mass amnesty which saw half of all prisoners released. Then a special department was created at the Prosecutor General’s Office in order to work on the ‘restoration of justice.’

Wednesday, a spokesperson for this new office said at a briefing that they have solved five cases about deprivation of property.

The department looked into about 1,000 complaints and launched criminal investigations into 118 of the cases which took place in 2008 and 2009. During these investigations, five former officials, who were employed at the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor General’s Office, were considered suspects.

Property was taken from director of Lagi Ltd Lasha Kvirikadze and director of Luksi Ltd Zaza Vashakidze.

The Prosecutor General’s Office says it has solved three further cases about appropriation of property from citizens and promise to return the property to the original owners.