TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgia’s Vice Speaker of Parliament was today elected as one of the vice presidents of OSCE’s Parliamentary Assembly.

OSCE’s Parliamentary Assembly are gathered in Monaco to elect a president and vice presidents. Riccardo Migliori, OSCE’s former vice president and head of the Italian delegation, was elected president, head of the press office of Georgia’s ruling party told DF Watch by phone from Monaco.

Vice Speaker George (Gigi) Tsereteli, was elected as one of the new vice speakers of the Parliamentary Assembly. Others elected were Robert B. Aderholt, American congressman, Alain Neri, French senator, and Uta Zapf, German politician and member of the Bundestag.

Gigi Tsereteli was among those who garnered a majority of the votes. Monaco’s representative, Jean-Charles Gardetto, was reelected.

The Russian candidate, who was the chair of the Russian delegation, participated, but did not manage to gather enough support for his candidacy.

The role of vice president involves chairing sessions as well as monitoring elections mission and representing the parliamentary assembly in various forums internationally.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly consists of 320 members of parliament, who represent 55 countries from Europe, central Asia and the USA.