TBILISI, DFWatch–Abkhaz and Georgian representatives met Thursday to discuss the closing of Europe’s largest hydroelectric dam, Inguri, for several months to carry out maintenance work.

The power station is located partly on Georgia-controlled territory and partly on the Abkhazian side.

Abkhazian news agency Apsnypress writes that the meeting was held on the Abkhazian part of the power station and was attended by de facto Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Transport and Communications Viktor Khilichevsky and General Director of Chernomorenergo Aslan Basariya.

The two told the agency that the meeting was held in a constructive environment and bilateral consultations will continue.

From the Georgian side, it was attended by Energy Minister Kakhi Kaladze and his two deputies. Kaladze said the parties discussed ongoing maintenance, which currently is mostly cleaning work. By 2016 there will be done maintenance work on the tunnel.

“It will be necessary to implement large scale work and it will be important and necessary to cease the operation of the hydroelectric power station for several months,” he said.

Since Abkhazia is supplied from Inguri Dam, Kaladze said that Georgian government takes responsibility for supplying Abkhazians with energy during this period.

In addition, the Georgian government, pays all the expenses for maintenance now and in the future.

“In those times when there were problems with Inguri Dam, we imported electricity from Russia and supplied Abkhazians in order not to leave them in darkness.”