tbilisi international airport


TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia is strengthening security measures in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday.

At least 34 people were killed in Brussels on Tuesday. Three bombs went off in the morning; two at Brussels airport and one at a metro station near the headquarters of the European Union.

The State Security Service of Georgia said it is taking additional measures.

“All sorts of security measures are stricter now, including borders, airports and places which have strategic importance,” spokesperson Nino Giorgobiani told DFWatch.

The increased security was reported earlier in the day by the news outlet 2030.

Giorgobiani also told DFWatch that Georgia is taking advanced security measures every time a terrorist attack takes place in Europe.

She did not specify what measures are taken to reinforce security.

Two bombs exploded at Brussels airport at around 8am on Tuesday, and one bomb exploded at Maelbeek metro station near the main buildings of the EU at around 9am. More than 230 people were also wounded. The terror group IS has claimed responsibility for the attack.