The Corruption Perception Index is published annually by Transparency International.

TBILISI, DFWatch–Transparency International (TI) ranked Georgia 50th among 175 countries in its annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) report.

Georgia got 52 points out of the maximum 100. In the past, it scored 52 in 2012 (51st place) and 49 in 2013 (55th place).  TI notes that only a decrease or an increase by 4 points or more indicates any significant change in the perceived level of corruption in a given country, thus current results show that there was no significant improvement or backslide since 2012.

However, according to TI Georgia, in recent years Georgia has taken a number of positive anti-corruption steps, such as greater transparency of political party and electoral campaign financing, introduction of legal requirements and standards for proactive publication of information, effective operation of the State Audit Office, establishment of a transparent system of electronic public procurement.

According to 2014 CPI, the least corrupt countries in the world are Denmark (92 pt), New Zealand (91 pt) and Finland (89 pt). The most corrupt countries are North Korea (8 pt), Somalia (8 pt) and Sudan (11 pt).

Georgia ranks 2nd after Turkey among 18 Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries, and scored higher than a number of EU member states, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Romania.

Among the post-soviet countries, Georgia ranks 4th, preceded just by the Baltic states. It is followed by Armenia (94th place). Azerbaijan takes 126th place, Russia 136th and Ukraine 142nd place.