TBILISI, DFWatch — A loud discussion broke out in parliament today while lawmakers were trying to agree on who should chair a commission which will investigate former government officials.

The National Movement Party of President Saakashvili, which is now in minority, suggests that the number of majority members at investigative commissions should me less than number of members in the commission and that a representative of the minority should chair it.

The minority suggests staffing all the other commissions in the same way.

Their main argument is that during the previous government,Georgian Dream representatives had the same opinion and spoke much about it during the election campaign. It would be contradictory of them to go against their own previous position, the UNM argues.

But the majority Georgia Dream argues that cases which investigative commission should study will be launched against former government officials. It will results in former government officials chairing investigations launched against themselves.

But Pavle Kublashvili, minority MP, said today that if crimes of former government members are subject of investigation, then law enforcement bodies will study them and those bodies won’t be loyal for those people. He also says that if cases of current government will be subject of investigation, then those bodies will be loyal to them.

But majority claims that on this level former government crimes are on the schedule of studying and it is not serious if former ruling party in opposition will be objective, while investigation.