TBILISI, DFWatch – From now on it will be possible to be elected to parliament from the age of 21. Before, the age limit was 25 years.

The Constitution of Georgia sets a lower age limit for being elected to parliament, so appropriate changes are to be made to the constitution. A bill is initiated by MPs. It is signed by 80 MPs.

According to the bill, to be elected as MP he or she should be 21 and have voting rights.

The government explains that it wants to encourage youth to get involved.

Gigi Tsereteli and Pavle Kublashvili, majority representatives consider that ‘youth should have stimulus and opportunity to get involved in political activity, also to represent their own city and region in the parliament.’

The two add that in many countries it is possible to get elected to parliament from the age of 21 and in some countries it’s even possible for 18-year olds to become MP.