TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgia halted the flow of Russian natural gas to Armenia on Saturday, due to a technical accident on the pipeline caused by a landslide near the village of Mamkoda near Tbilisi.

Energy minister Alexander Khetaguri said Saturday that Armenia’s gas supply would probably be restored by Tuesday.

The accident happened in the late evening of March 9. The same day, Georgian Gas Transfer Company warned the country about the fact that the gas supply would be stopped for several days.

“To restore the process it’s needed to cut out the damaged section and replace it with a new one, which takes several days,” Khetaguri told journalists.

The ministry says the flow will be restored on March 12, or at least by morning the next day.

According to Russian agency Itar Tass, the temporary suspension of gas supply is not a problem for Armenia, as the country has gas enough stored gas to last it for two months.