TBLISI, DFWatch – The Georgian Speaker of Parliament says that there is no talk of Georgia having a role in a potential conflict between Iran and the USA.

Davit Bakradze was commenting a statement made earlier by the deputy secretary of the country’s security council, Batu Kutelia, that if the UN passes a resolution regarding Iran, Georgia will also be bound by it. Kutelia’s comment was broadcast January 5 on the small Georgian TV channel Maestro.

But the parliamentary speaker claims that there is no discussion about a possible Georgian role in case of conflict.

“I cannot confirm this type of information. There is no discussion about it, including that there was no discussion neither during the president’s visit to the U.S. and while the Obama-Saakashvili meeting. As for the hypothetic question – what will happen if there is a conflict and if the UN passes an appropriate resolution in this conflict – usually such questions aren’t being answered and neither will I. But I repeat that there is no discussion on this issue at all,” Bakradze stated.