Anytime, anyplace, is Georgian foreign minister Grigol Vashadze's answer to Russian president Dimitry Medvedev's invitation to reestablish relations. (Official photo.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgia’s foreign minister says his country never refused to restore negotiations with Russia.

Grigol Vashadze made the statement during a session of the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly, while answering a question from an MP from the Netherlands. After a speech by Vashadzem the Dutch MP wanted to know what his views were on how to restore negotiations with Russia.

Russian president Dimitry Medvedev earlier Wednesday said during a meeting with students that Russia wants to restore diplomatic relations with the Georgian government, but not with the Georgian president.

Asnwering the question from the Dutch MP, Vashadze said: “We never say no to negotiations. We are ready for it any time, any place, but first of all we should know the goal of the negotiations and what structure it will have.”

Another MP in the Council of Europe was interested in how the dialogue will be done while Russia refuses to have the relations with the current government of Georgia.

“The Russian government doesn’t want to talk to the democratically elected Georgian government. After the elections in 2012-2013, when a new government will be elected, I assure you, Russia won’t talk to it either, because Russia went into a catastrophic legal deadlock by recognizing the occupied regions,” Vashadze said.