TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgia’s budget is to be increased by 200 million lari by increasing the licensing fees for use of natural resources.

Another source for the increase is grants from the EU to finance reforms in different areas, according to Gia Khuroshvili, Parliamentary Secretary.

The government presented a revised budget in parliament.

Khuroshvili says that the extra means will be spent on infrastructure projects in the eastern Kakheti region and the western region of Imereti; but also on rehabilitation of old schools, and coastal protection. There will also be increased financing for the commission which checks voters’ list for the upcoming elections.

Additionally, the budget will also include support for work related to what’s called Rtveli, which is the country’s traditional wine making and rural harvest holiday.

According to the revised budget, expenses will increase by 139.6 million lari.

The total amount of Georgia’s 2012 budget is 5.1 billion lari. About 35 per cent out of it is to be given to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs. Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure gets 19 per cent, while the Defense and Interior Ministries receive 13 and 11 per cent, respectively.