Georgia’s ruling Georgian Dream, after lengthy deliberations, finally submitted a draft resolution in support of Ukraine to parliament on Wednesday for approval, which immediately drew criticism from the opposition after it was revealed that it did not mention neither Russia nor Putin.

Two meetings were held between the Georgian Dream and opposition factions on Wednesday to draft a joint text of the resolution, but failed because the opposition demanded a tougher, more anti-Russian statement, which the Georgian Dream refused.

Opposition lawmakers later said they would not be co-authors of the Georgian Dream bill, as the text of the resolution did not emphasize Russia’s role.

Roman Gotsiridze, a member of parliament from the opposition United National Movement, says they initially “almost” agreed the joint statement with the GD, which strongly condemned Russia’s aggressive actions, but the GD later amended the text.

“Can you imagine that the parliament is passing a resolution against Russia’s aggressive actions to protect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and Russia is not mentioned?!” Gotsiridze said.

Some signal came from Moscow, someone called Bidzina Ivanishvili and he allegedly forced the GD MPs to change the text, says Roman Gotsiridze.

“Every word, every phrase (in the text) stems from the national interests of Georgia. The resolution is completely empty (from) provocative and populist rhetoric,” said Mamuka Mdinaradze, chairman of the GD parliamentary faction.

The GD draft resolution is entitled “On a Possible Military Escalation in Ukraine.”

“The Parliament of Georgia […] expresses its deep concern at the possible military escalation in Ukraine and condemns any intention that may be directed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a sovereign state, which poses a new threat not only to Ukraine but also to regional peace and security;

“Declares that membership in the North Atlantic Alliance is a sovereign right of the state and that any attempt to restrict this right by military or political means is categorically unacceptable;

 “Believes that the prevention of war in Ukraine should be a major concern of the international community;

“Expresses solidarity with the friendly Ukrainian people, who could be severely harmed by any possible military escalation.

“In view of all the above, the Parliament of Georgia calls on the Government of Georgia, through the use of diplomatic instruments and in close coordination with strategic partners, to continue its contribution to the prevention of war in Ukraine,” the text reads.