Tengiz Jgushia. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Police have detained former MP Tengiz Jgushia, who is suspected of yesterday having shot at the deputy head of a local government near the town Zugdidi, in western Georgia.

Jgushia was member of parliament for the Citizen’s Union from 1995 to 1999 and is also head of the organization Samegrelos Khma.

He was at a dinner party in the nearby village Rike together with Merab Kvaraia, deputy gambegeli, or head of local government.

They had both been drinking and got into a verbal and physical confrontation. Jgushia shot, but missed. Kviraia was not injured.

The local online news website smo.ge reports that witnesses saw how Jgushia attempted to shoot Kviria in the feet. Later Koba Subeliani, MP from the National Movement, wrote that Jgushia fired four shots.

Jgushia was detained and is now at a preliminary detention facility. He confirms that there was a confrontation, but denies having used a gun. Kvaraia claims Jgushia really shot towards him.

According to Jgushia’s lawyer, an investigation has been launched for hooliganism and he may face from four to seven years in jail.

Police removed cartridges from the spot.

“I hope that police and investigators will investigate this incident and take strict measures,” Kvaraia told journalists on the night of the incident.

Jgushia explained that he was ‘protecting the dignity’ of the Zugdidi region and the village Rike.

“In such cases, protecting my own dignity and the dignity of the region is my duty,” Jgushia added.