TBILISI, DFWatch – A former Georgian general who was convicted of treason and lived in Russia was killed Monday in Moscow.

Russian media report that Roman Dumbadze was hit by bullets from two attackers passing by on motorcycles near his home.

Dumbadze died on the spot from his injuries. Later, the motorcycle the attackers had used was found in a backyard. The police have questioned one witness to the shooting.

According to Russian media, the witness is a girl, who says that the victim was being followed for some time before the attack. One young man was following the general and was talking on the phone for a long time. He quickly hid after the murder. Probably he was in charge of the murder. The attackers were driving on two bikes. One of them brought out a weapon and started firing on the general.

In 2004, President Saakashvili made a push to reintegrate Adjara, a breakaway region bordering Turkey. At the time, Dumbadze was leading Batumi’s 25th Brigade. During tense relations between Georgia’s central government and Ajara, Dumbadze refused to obey Saakashvili and aligned with the separatists.

But eventually, Adjara’s breakaway regime gave in, and Dumbadze was later put on trial and convicted of treason and sentenced to 25 years in jail.

In 2008 after the war, he was handed over to Russia in a prisoner exchange, in return for 12 Georgian civilians.

In 2010, Dumbadze was granted Russian citizenship by the president Medvedev.