TBILISI, DFWatch – The opposition in Georgia considers to make the former AC Milan player Kakhi Kaladze speaker of parliament if they win the election on October 1.

Georgian Dream has nominated the footballer on first place on its party list, which might mean that he is a candidate for parliament speaker.

Kakhi Kaladze will participate in election debates only with Davit Bakradze, who is the current speaker of parliament and will be number one on the ruling National Movement party’s party list.

The National Movement has yet to announce its full list of candidates. The last time it can hand in its list to the Central Election Commission is 18:00 on Saturday. A few days ago, ruling party representatives said that the number one on the list will be Davit Bakradze and that he will participate in TV debates.

Georgia’s Public Broadcaster, which is financed by the state, must hold debates every Saturday until the election. Four parties will participate in the debates: National Movement, Christian Democrats, which has a faction in the parliament, and the Labor Party, which has four members of parliament (MPs). The latter have not attended after last election due to a boycott. The fourth is Georgian Dream, which doesn’t like proposed form of debates. They say the remaining two parties are government satellite parties and it is unacceptable to them.

Ivanishvili says they will participate in debates only with government representatives, so they agree that Kaladze discuss with Bakradze in the debates.

The naming of Kakhi Kaladze on top of Georgian Dream’s list was unexpected. Among the top ten are leaders of Georgian Dream bloc members. The Free Democrats have two representatives on the top twenty of the list, also Republican Party and the National Forum. There are nine members from the Georgian Dream and each persons from the rest five parties of the bloc.

There are 200 persons on the list and this is the maximum number possible to present in the name of a bloc. Majoritarian candidates come after first 50 names on the list. On top of the list is Vakhtang Khmaladze, he is majoritarian candidate for Didube district in Tbilisi. 25 percent of the list are women.

Eight more political subjects presented lists in CEC, including New Rights Party. Its first number is Davit Gamkrelidze, who is head of the party. Georgian Dasi presented Jondi Baghaturia, party’s head as first number.