batumi_airportTBILISI, DFWatch–A new report shows that foreign tourists spend 450 laris a day in Adjara, a Black Sea region of Georgia heavily reliant on tourism.

Over a thousand tourists were asked about their stay as they left the country, and the results draws a picture of what kind of vacation people experienced while here.

Some of the reasons for choosing Adjara were to see the sights, to meet friends and to visit the casinos.

The National Tourism Department’s new report also shows that the most frequent problems tourists had were bad weather, police stopping them too often and bad infrastructure. Other problems mentioned were crowds at the border, disrespect, noise and traffic jams.

But despite their problems, more than 51 percent of the visitors were satisfied with their visit in the region and most of them came for a second or third time, or even more.

The duration of their stay was about four days and they spent about 450 laris a day, the according to the report, which was published last week. Most of them did not stay at a hotel or guesthouse.

More than 95 percent said they wanted to come back to Adjara and would recommend it to their friends, but 3 percent said they do not want to visit Adjara again.

The survey was carried out from January to March 2016. 1,027 people were questioned as they were leaving Georgia. More than 80% were men, and the most prominent nationalities were Turkey (23%), Azerbaijan (15%), Armenia (11%) and Russia (8%).