TBILISI, DFWatch — Tbilisi international airport on Monday had to cancel or divert several incoming international and local flights due to heavy fog.

One flight from Moscow (04:00 pm) was delayed, while a flight from Ekaterinburg (10:20 pm) is canceled, as well as a flight from Tabriz, Azerbaijan (9:10 am on 29.01.13) to Tbilisi is also canceled.

There was no flight from Tbilisi to Ekaterinburg (11:10 am) as well.

Flights from Riga, Munich and London to Tbilisi, had to be diverted to Baku, while the airport in Batumi received flight from Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.

A plane flying from Istanbul to Tbilisi had to return to Istanbul. A local flight from Mestia to Tbilisi was canceled.

The latest cancellation updates on the Tbilisi airport webpage show normal operation has now been restored.

There are traffic restrictions on sections of a road from Mtskheta near Tbilisi to Gudauri-Kobi in northern Georgia, due to a heightened danger of avalanche.

The Road Department informs that cars with more than 30 seats and trailer trucks are prohibited from driving that section of road. Other vehicles are allowed to drive to Gudauri only with chains.