TBILISI, DFWatch–Five of the Georgians who have been waiting to get out of Syria were brought home on Sunday.

The five arrived from Istanbul the Tbilisi by plane and are among in all 18 Georgians who are expected to make it home soon. Seven more Georgians will arrive on the next flight from Turkey. The rest will come by ship from Beirut.

As they arrived at Tbilisi airport, the five said that despite the war in Syria there is a calm situation in Damascus.

“We lived ordinarily. No one interrupted; on the contrary, the soldiers assisted us. There are shooting in the suburbs, but the center of the city is very protected. Every streat is controlled by armed soldiers,” they said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that all 18 Georgians will be in their home country soon.

Georgians in Syria asked the ministry to help them get back to Georgia as they had trouble to cross the border and get back to their homeland for various reasons.