TBILISI, DFWatch–More than 100 farmers demand to be paid for grapes they delivered to the wine maker Shildi.

Two days ago, the farmers rallied outside the plant demanding their payment immediately. They told journalists that many of them should be paid thousands of lari.

The rally took place in the village Shilda, in Kvareli municipality, in the the Kakheti region. Protesters claim they delivered wine about three weeks ago and haven’t received money.

“It’s the fifth day I come here at 2:00 at night. I’ve spent money here. What should I bring home? We come on Friday, they say they will pay on Tuesday. We come on Tuesday, they call us to come on Friday, it never ends,” one farmer told Information Center of Kakheti.

Davit Patatishvili, Director of Shildi Ltd, told journalists that the money is usually paid twice per week and the payment of farmers who delivered the wine will be paid in one week, but the farmers have not yet received it.

“We couldn’t pay the money all at once. 1 700 tons of grapes was purchased this year. This is 700 000 lari,” Patatishvili said. “It must be paid in one week – Tuesday-Friday or next Tuesday-Friday.”