TBILISI, DFWatch–From January 1, the closest family of soldiers who have died on duty will receive a monthly compensation of 500 lari (USD 300).

An amendment was made in June last year to the law about state compensation and state academic scholarship and is now in force.

A monthly compensation of 500 lari will be paid to the closest family of those who have died while taking part in international peacekeeping operations, those who died fighting for Georgia’s territorial integrity, and in addition persons who died in the May 1998 fighting in Gali, Abkhazia, and the operation in Tskhinvali August 2004.

The law further says that the compensation will increase to 1 000 lari (USD 600) from 2015.

The amount of compensation is defined for the whole family and will be divided between them proportionally. Georgian law defines ‘family members’ as: parents, husband or wife and children until they turn 18, as well as disabled.