(Gal Info.)

DFWatch–The separatist authorities in Abkhazia have decided to temporarily open the Enguri checkpoint with Georgia proper from December 3 to 10 for “humanitarian” reasons.

Those who possess Abkhaz citizenship or permanent residence there and are Covid-19 free can cross the “border” from 9 am till 7 pm during this period, reads a statement released by the Abkhaz de facto security ministry.

All individuals who wish to cross the borderline must carry a document issued by a Georgian healthcare institution which confirms a Covid-19 examination not more than 72 hours prior to the crossing.

In addition, everyone must undergo a medical examination at the checkpoint.

The Enguri checkpoint is the sole path that connects breakaway Abkhazia with Georgia proper. All other checkpoints and passages have been closed down by the Sokhumi regime during the last few years. Enguri Bridge was closed in spring shortly after the first confirmed Covid-19 case in Georgia. Since then it was opened temporarily only a few times for “humanitarian” reasons, most recently from August 5 to 9.