TBILISI, DFWatch–Electricity prices have gone up in the Georgian capital. Utility company Telasi explains the decision with a drop in the national currency lari, as well as increased prices for purchasing electricity and increased transmission taxes.

There are three categories of electricity payment in Tbilisi. The first category is those who use less than 101 kWh. Their bill will increase by 3.5 tetris including VAT to 12.90 tetris per kWh (USD 0.0546).

The second category is people who use from 101 to 301 kW/h. Their bill goes up 4.51 tetris including VAT to 17 tetris per kWh (USD 0.072).

The third category is people who spend more than 301 kW/h, who are billed 3.79 tetris more than before and have to pay 21 tetris per kWh (USD 0.0889).

The new prices will come into force as soon as they are published and the September bill will be split in two, the first part according to the old prices.

In July, electricity prices increased for customers of Energo-Pro Georgia, which supplies every region except Kakheti and Tbilisi, by 3.348 tetris, excluding VAT.